Other Products and services

At Dyfi Fire we like to think of our showroom as more of a heating centre than just a stove showroom.

Whether you are in the planning stages of a newbuild or just need a cosy stove in the back room, ring or call in for some sound advice.

We are qualified to design and install a wide range of systems that you would normally associate with a healthy home.

Underfloor heating and radiant wall heating
Solar thermal hot water systems
Heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)
Thermal imaging assesments (before and after)
Bespoke masonry stoves, wood-fired ovens
Wood-fuelled saunas and hot tubs

Whatever your project, you will be glad you have Dyfi Fire onboard!

Stove servicing and chimney sweeping

Critical to the long and healthy life of your stove is regular maintenance and chimney sweeping.

We are most happy to service stoves we have installed as we know our products intimately and install in such a way as to make the servicing and sweeping straightforward.

One of the reasons why routine maintenance is not done is how difficult it can be when the stove has been poorly installed.

We are of course very happy to take on the long- term care of this type of installation but customers should be aware that we will always advise upgrades to the system where appropriate.

One of the most common complaints is broken glass in the stove door.. often a good time to call us in as we can give the stove a health check and sweep the flue whilst we are there. We can replace the glass on any stove but do need to identify your stove accurately. Rather than pay to have us come look at it, we would prefer if you could email us some photos, even better, post them on our facebook page and we will get right back to you with a positive identification...

During the quieter summer months we offer very competitive rates if we service your stove and sweep the flue at the same time, with very healthy discounts if we do more than one stove at a time. Some customers even club together to book us for a day!