Morso, Chilli Penguin and Woodwarm have a fantastic range of stoves to suit every premises. Below are some of the models currently available. Please contact us for more details and prices. As Morso approved dealers, when we supply and install your new Morso cast iron stove, you will benefit from an impressive 10 year warranty.

morso logo.jpg (c) Dyfi Fire

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Morso make excellent stoves
Morso 04 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso 04

small, perfect and modern
The Morso O4 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove is the smallest model from the modern O-Collection.
Offering big stove performance but with small stove output well suited to smaller rooms.
The airwash system ensures you will have a clear view of the flames, while heat gently radiates into the room.
The Morso O4 woodburner incorporates the state-of-the art Fire-Slide control.
To meet the demands of today's urban consumers, the Morso O4 solid fuel stove is now DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones. Heat output up to 5kW.

Morso Squirrel 1430 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso Squirrel 1430

Squirrel 1430 with the classic squirrel emblem
The Morso 1430 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove is ideal for small heating needs, such as small rooms and even in narrow-boat installations.
A traditional wood-burning stove decorated with either Morso’s classic squirrel relief on both sides or a simpler ribbed pattern.
The Morso Squirrel 1430 solid fuel stove has an efficient airwash system to give a clear view of the flames, and offers the option of an add in boiler for hot water.
Heat output up to 4.6kW.

The High Morso S 1143 (c) Dyfi Fire

The High Morso S 1143

A slim design that integrates easily into your room without dominating it.
The elegant, simple design of this multi-fuel stove really shines.
Covering almost the entire front with its large, softly curved glass area, the stove door is a perfect expression of mood and provides a view into the warming flames.
The S11-43 is a convection stove. 4 kW

Morso Panther (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso Panther

The sleek and powerful Morso Panther is King of the stove jungle and can really throw out the heat and is ideal for larger rooms.
The Morso Panther Cleanheat 2110 Multifuel / wood burning Stove has rounded features and soft curves.
The airwash system ensures a clear view of the flames, while warmth gently radiates into the room.
A fine example of modern and traditional styling rolled into one.
With an output of up to 9kW.

Morso 6140 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso 6140

The Morso 6140 Wood Burning Stove - a small convection stove that offers the perfect solution for smaller rooms.
It can be used as a supplement to another heat supply.
This solid fuel stove has a user-friendly one-handle system for managing the air supply. It is easy to use and maintain, and moving parts can easily be replaced.
Morso have developed a combustion technology that uses pre-heated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt. This results in both more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.
Heat output up to 5.5kW

Morso 1412 with long legs (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso 1412 with long legs

The little Squirrel just got taller!
This convection stove can stand on it's own four elegant legs where there is no fireplace.
The extra height means that the heat radiates into the main body of your room very effectively.
It can be used in smoke free zones.
Otherwise, it is just like the standard Squirrel.

Morso Badger 3110 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso Badger 3110

Like it's animal namesake, this stove is earthy and practical. It can take larger logs but is still ideal for smaller rooms.
The Morso Badger Cleanheat 3112 Multifuel / Wood Burning Stove is a radiant stove capable of taking logs of up to 32cm long.
The Morso Badger Cleanheat 3112 woodburner is supplied with fine ribbed sides and is capable of heat output of 4.5kW.
DEFRA exempt (so can be used in smoke free zones.)

Morso 7440 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso 7440

The Morso 7400 series takes the best qualities of modern wood burning stoves and uses them to give the consumer a modern take on a classic design.
Celebrating Morso’s 160th anniversary the 7400 series for the first time presents the newly redesigned “Squirrel” motif. This motif decorates the matt black side of the stove and emphasises the quality finish whilst celebrating Morso's 160 year history as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality wood burning stoves.
The 7400 series can be regarded as the “little sister” of the 7900 series as it encompasses the same large flame viewing area and design but with smaller overall dimensions.
Thanks to its size the stove is also suitable for smaller rooms where it will fit perfectly as an elegant, functional, cosy piece of furniture.

Morso 7940 (c) Dyfi Fire

Morso 7940

Three sides of the 7940 are double-glazed glass so the warming flames are clearly seen and the dark grey of the cast iron stove body presents a striking contrast.
Taller than the Morso 7440 , for example, the 7940 looks impressive when stood in a room. But at the same time it does not overpower. The smooth lines of this fire are only broken by the ergonomic and visually satisfying handle on the wide self-closing door.
But where it matters, performance and efficiency, the Morso 7940 really shines. The Danish designer Monica Ritterband has created some good-looking stoves for Morso - and the 7940 is a fine example.
Taking logs of up to 33cm in length, the fire produces a maximum heat of 7.3kW, enough for medium sized rooms and some large areas too.

Meet Chilli Penguin Stoves!  (c) Dyfi Fire

Meet Chilli Penguin Stoves!

Heat and style from the rainy hills of Wales

Chilli Billie (c) Dyfi Fire

Chilli Billie

A quality fun little stove that can add heat and charm to your boat, cabin or yurt.

"The little stove with a big heart, stof fach gyda chalon fawr", small but mighty, a flaming wood rocket, a tree fuelled engine.
This little stove was developed during 2012 with Puki Pods, the camping pod manufacturer. It has been designed to be used in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios. It has not been tested for use in homes.
It is top loading with a round glass window which you can see the fire through. You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove.
There is an optional detachable side shelf which is useful for putting your kettle or pans on when not boiling.
The kW output is between 2.5-3kW.

Three Beautiful Chillies! (c) Dyfi Fire

Three Beautiful Chillies!

From left to right: The Chilli 5, The Hungry Penguin and The robust and stylish Chilli 8.
The Chilli 5/Short Penguin is small in stature but big on personality.
The smallest and of our domestic stoves, equally popular at home and on canal boats.
All our domestic stoves come with DEFRA conversion kit which can be fitted if you live in an area which is within a smoke control zone.

The Hungry Penguin stove does it all: it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, makes you tea and if you've got a boiler model it can even heat your bath!
See it's own listing below for more details.

Penguin 8 - The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary, awesomely simple, simple awesome.
The generous clear glass window offers a huge view of the fire and it takes large logs. More details below.

Fat Penguin  (c) Dyfi Fire

Fat Penguin

The Fat Penguin - Big, fat and beautiful, when something smaller just won't do.
The Fat Penguin has all the features of the Hungry Penguin, it will warm you, feed you and make you a brew but the side convection panels make it wider. The output is still 5kW but this is a bigger, bolder looking penguin. The extra width means a bigger top plate so if you are cooking on it you will have more room. The side convection panels mean that the side surface temperature is cooler as it promotes air flow from beneath the stove convecting heat out at the top.  
The Fat Penguin is available with a glass oven door. With this option there is no separate ash door, the ash door is accessed via the main glass door.  

Hungry Penguin (c) Dyfi Fire

Hungry Penguin

The Hungry Penguin stove does it all: it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, makes you tea and if you've got a boiler model it can even heat your bath!
The original Chilli Penguin, the one that started the company. It began life as the Standard Penguin but we realised that there is nothing standard about it!
The small oven box is able to reach a max temperature of 300 degrees C. It can tick away nicely between 140 -180 degrees C and you can boil a kettle of water on the hotplate.

High and Mighty  (c) Dyfi Fire

High and Mighty

This is a confident stove that offers everything: stature, personality, function and more than a little charm.
The High and Mighty Penguin is actually the Fat Penguin on an integral plinth but when we saw the first production model it seemed to have taken on a different personality so we decided to give it its own page and name.
It does perhaps have its nose in the air just a touch, feeling a little superior with its elevated height, oven box, log plinth and integral convection panel sides.
The High and Mighty Penguin was on our list of contenders and then a customer wrote with the same suggestion.. the name was born.

Penguin 8 (c) Dyfi Fire

Penguin 8

The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary, awesomely simple, simple awesome.
This is 8 kW of warm glowing chilli-hot heat. The generous clear glass window offers a huge view of the fire and it takes logs measuring up to 430mm. It is also available with a plinth. There is a DEFRA kit available for the Penguin 8. With the DEFRA kit fitted the Penguin 8 can be used in smoke control areas.

Short Penguin  (c) Dyfi Fire

Short Penguin

The Short Penguin is small in stature but big on personality.
The smallest and of our domestic stoves, equally at a home on land and on the water ...a stove you'll want to come home to. Clean lines, contemporary stainless steel handles, clean burning and very efficient. Equally popular at home and on canal boats.
Simple, small, sensational…. you can't go wrong.
The Short Penguin is available with or without a plinth. All our domestic stoves come with DEFRA conversion kit which can be fitted if you live in an area which is within a smoke control zone.

Penguin 8 in almond (c) Dyfi Fire

Penguin 8 in almond

choosing the fantastic Penguin 8 in the colour almond would add chic to any space.

Woodwarm Phoenix Fireblaze  (c) Dyfi Fire

Woodwarm Phoenix Fireblaze

The Fireview Range
The Woodwarm Multi Fuel range of stoves allowing a vast array of fuels to be burned from Brown Coal (Lignite) through Homefire ovals, Ancit (and other coal derivatives) to Wood, all without the need to alter the construction of the stove.
The WildWood Range
Wood burning is quickly becoming the fuel of choice due to its sustainability, and being Carbon Neutral is far less damaging on the environment. Did you know a tree will release as much carbon dioxide rotting in the woods as it does heating your home?
The Enigma Range
3.5kW inset and 8.0kW Freestanding stoves, A single door displaying the charm of a two door stove, a vital aspect to keeping the glass clean at all times. Fixed grate incorporating the log retainer.

Woodwarm Fireview  (c) Dyfi Fire

Woodwarm Fireview

The Slender Range
Multi Fuel and Woodburning Stoves all designed for the larger look but with a reduced output, (ideal for small rooms with big fireplaces).
The Double Sided Range
Double sided stoves are available in combinations of double-sided single depth and double-sided double depth, effectively two stoves back to back. These are extremely popular with barn conversions or where two rooms connect via the fireplace.
The FoxFire
A new addition to the Woodwarm family, this superb little stove boasts 82% efficiency on both coal and wood, DEFRA approval, and with the ability to pipe air directly to the stove, makes it the stove of choice for new build housing.